01 May 2013

Army MSG: Leadership Works Both Ways

Continuing our series of leadership reflections, we asked a Senior NCO in one of the Army's elite aviation units how he thinks about leadership.  This particular advice is as real as it gets.  Enjoy!

The most important thing that I have learned as a leader is that "leadership works both ways." We should all be mentoring our subordinates and providing them with great leadership. However, we should also be aware of what they have to offer to us.

Empowering your subordinates with the ability to bring issues and possible solutions up the chain of command must be fostered just as much as orders and commands being obeyed from the top down. As generations and cultures change, new soldiers/employees may have a better insight on how to accomplish the mission than someone who may be "stuck in a rut" from conducting business the same way for 10+ years. 

Take a minute to talk to your people. See where they are from and learn what they have done before now. Get to know them, their families and their hobbies. That one minute may provide the sense of empathy that the person needs to feel confident in bringing you true and honest opinions.

MSG Alex Petty
at HQ, US Army Special Operations Aviation Command

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  1. It is important to get to know what makes your Soldiers "tick." It is also important to always develop them for the next level. Great advice!!!