24 May 2013

Fox News: RallyPoint Connects the US Military

The following excerpt is taken from coverage of RallyPoint produced by Fox News on May 23, 2013.  Although RallyPoint's main functionality to date has focused on delivering powerful value to actively serving military personnel during their careers, this particular piece by Fox News focused on our upcoming announcement in honor of Memorial Day -- that we will be offering certain functionality to veterans and retirees in some parts of the site.


On Memorial Day, another online tool designed to provide military personnel with jobs will be launching.

RallyPoint is a free professional social network that launched last year for active military -- it’s a military-only LinkedIn of sorts. Thus far it was exclusively available to Active Duty military personnel, National Guard, Active Reserves and ROTC.  On Monday, it will open its online doors to veterans as well.

The company hopes this tool will help individuals identify and score employment before leaving service.  RallyPoint connects people with veterans who share their military experience and have already successfully transitioned in just a few clicks. The company says it is the most comprehensive employer-to-service member skill matching network in the country.

RallyPoint was launched last year by two Iraq War veterans: ten-year active duty Marine Corps Scout/Sniper Platoon Commander and Army Special Forces Officer Yinon Weiss and five-year active duty Army officer Aaron Kletzing.  "Our research shows that the majority of active military don't even know what LinkedIn is," said Weiss, who is RallyPoint’s CEO. "This is common throughout the military, which is why my co-founder Aaron Kletzing and I saw a profound need for a professional networking platform exclusive to military.”

“Aaron and I … understand the difficulty of transitioning back into civilian life, so we want to do our part to ease a huge part of that transition -- finding a job,” he told FoxNews.com.

RallyPoint says it doesn’t collect any sensitive information and only unclassified data may be entered on the site. This sort of information can be an attractive target,so the company says it uses “the best” enterprise-level security encryption and data protection available.

The company also says it provides security by allowing only verified and trusted members to access the full site.
RallyPoint has no formal relationship with the military and they say they do not share data with the military or chain of command.

Military personnel considering using either tool should absolutely defer to their command’s guidelines as to whether they are permitted to use the websites and if so, what information is acceptable to provide.

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Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2013/05/23/new-online-tools-to-help-veterans-find-jobs/#ixzz2UDk0zTdN

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