02 May 2013

Fort Knox PCS? Know this before you get there!

I recently served in a leadership position at Fort Knox, KY during the height of its BRAC transformation.  Fort Knox, the once storied home of the Army's Armor branch, looked at its own reflection in the mirror and had long since understood that in years to come, its identity would be woven into the fabric of the Infantry branch (and vice versa) -- and moved to Fort Benning, GA.  Armor and Infantry, for practical purposes, would effectively blend together to create "Maneuver" and make training at those previously autonomous school houses more efficient and practical for current Army ops.

Much has been written about Fort Knox during and since BRAC -- from the culture there to what it's like to be stationed there -- so here is my biggest tip for you as you evaluate which units to try to get assigned to at Fort Knox while you're there.

Know this:  there are still large combat deployable units at Fort Knox
Fort Knox was a net population "gainer" as a result of BRAC.  The installation did take a reduction in its maneuver combat strength, but more than replaced those numbers with large non-maneuver and administrative headquarters elements.

If you're looking to deploy, whether for the experience or for career advancement, your best bet is to get assigned to 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division.  This is the main maneuver brigade left at Fort Knox, and I have listed it out below for your benefit:

3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division
  • Longhand name:  3rd Brigade Combat Team (Heavy), 1st Infantry Division
  • Shorthand name:  3rd BCT, 1st ID
  • Common abbreviations for this unit:  3-1; 3-1 ID; 3-1 HBCT
  • Major subordinate units (battalion level) -- click the links below to go to these units' special pages inside RallyPoint.com:
    • 3rd STB -- 3rd Special Troops Battalion
    • 6-4 CAV -- 6th Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment
    • 1-26 IN -- 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment
    • 2-2 IN -- 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment
    • 1-6 FA -- 1st Battalion, 6th Field Artillery Regiment
    • 201st BSB -- 201st Brigade Support Battalion

3rd BCT, 1st ID patch and nickname
  • Patch:  Shown at the right is the 1st Infantry Division's patch -- this is the patch worn by the units listed above.  So, the vast majority of combat deployable maneuver personnel at Fort Knox, KY are part of 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division and wear this patch.
  • Nickname:  1st ID is nicknamed "Big Red One" -- you should see from the patch's design why this is fitting! :)

To learn more about Army units at Fort Knox, KY -- or to connect with actual military personnel stationed at Fort Knox or in these units, I would recommend signing up for a free account on RallyPoint.com.

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