13 December 2012


Launched just one month ago, RallyPoint today announced two new members to its corporate Board of Advisors:

General Schwartz and Admiral Harvey

With these additions, RallyPoint brings on board two of the most influential and respected leaders from today’s military.  Including General (Ret) George CaseyRallyPoint ’s Advisory Board now represents half of the recent Joint Chiefs of Staff, and also includes Lieutenant General (Ret) Ben Freakley and Brigadier General (Ret) Craig Nixon.
As Harvey explains, “RallyPoint is not just about connecting with a peer group, but connecting with a purpose in a manner that enables both extraordinary individual initiative and extremely flexible self-organization based on shared locations, common challenges or interests, rank structure, affinity groups, mission sets and much more… I’m very proud to be joining RallyPoint’s ranks.”
Said Schwartz, “The RallyPoint effort has the potential to reinforce the sense of community and common experience of all members of the Armed Forces and their families.  It is for that reason that I have signed-on to assist with the fielding of this promising capability.”
Why is RallyPoint so powerful for those in uniform?
Military personnel rotate through positions every couple of years, and it can be notoriously difficult, both logistically and culturally, for individual members to play an active role in charting their own careers.
After signing up for free at RallyPoint, a currently serving member of the armed forces can create his/her individual profile, grow their professional network of relationships across the military, and see via RallyPoint’s graphical interface of the military’s organization how their own relationships can help them discover and pursue the best opportunities around the armed services.
For RallyPoint’s 90-second introductory video, click here.

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