18 April 2013

RallyPoint's Senior NCO's Share Lessons Learned

We at RallyPoint asked our senior members to share the most important lessons they've learned during their years in uniform. Here is their advice to younger personnel who will likely face the same challenges and decisions: 

To do what is right no matter what anyone thinks. It may not be a celebrated decision but it should be done if it is going to assist my soldiers in becoming honest, stronger soldiers.

I will always do what is right – not what is popular.

SFC Omayra San Antonio
US Army Reserve Recruiter at New Haven, CT

Know your job, passionately tend to your troops' needs, and stay focused on your own personal and professional development. Equally important, make time for your family. Because in the end, when you retire the uniform, your family is what you take with you, aside from developed skills and wisdom.

Naval CPO Phillip Durio                    

Serve those you lead. I've used a mix of Authoritative & Persuasive styles of leadership throughout my career, but recently I've found that the principle of a Servant Leader has brought more out/from those I lead than they, or I, could ever have imagined.

MSgt Daniel Schrubb, MCSC

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