20 March 2013


RallyPoint launched in November of 2012 and has quickly become the US military’s largest online professional network. We often get unsolicited feedback from our members, and just wanted to share a few of them with you here:

Having just been invited, I wanted to say that the interface for this website is very clean and efficient. It seems to be, in many ways, a networking website completely optimized for the military community. I will highly recommend it to my peers.
- 2nd Lieutenant (Air Force)

I love the concept of RallyPoint…like most good ideas, it’s one of those things I hear about and then wonder “How come this didn’t exist before?”
- Captain (Army Reserves)

I LOVE RallyPoint! Information is power and the information in the databases of RallyPoint is robust and accurate and the CONNECTIONS you make will enhance your competitiveness tremendously. As a Battalion Commander, I promote RallyPoint to my young officers and wish that I had this awesome tool when I was a junior officer. If you’re not taking advantage of this app, you’re missing out. Spread the word to your peers — like the telephone, it’s more powerful when there are many others that join in. Thank you RallyPoint!
- Lieutenant Colonel (Army)

It’s a great idea! I think this could be more than just a military version of LinkedIn!
- Master Sergeant (Marine Corps)

The RP Universe feature is absolutely amazing. To see every unit in all branches broken down in such a simple format is awesome! The amount of time and effort put into its creation is evident. Great job!
- Cadet (USMA)

At the end of my career, I couldn’t agree more about the network of relationships in the military.  It is really amazing how we are all connected in some way. Looking forward to seeing where RallyPoint goes!
- Sergeant First Class (Army)

I’m incredibly impressed by RallyPoint - what a great idea, and a great resource for all of us. I’ve definitely had a ton of instances where I would have loved to have access to something like this. - Captain (Army Officer) I’ve joined RallyPoint and I must say that it really looks amazing. It really seems similary in quality if not better than Linkedin and Facebook.
- Captain (Air Force)

I think the site is a great idea… Whether staying in or getting out, networking is highly valuable and can open a lot of doors. Best of luck getting the site off the ground and I will certainly spread the word as best I can.
- Commander (Navy)

I just recently found out about RallyPoint and think it sounds like an amazing and very much needed platform.  I would have loved the opportunity to utilize something like RallyPoint while serving on active duty, not only to look for career opportunities for me personally, but also to potentially recruit certain skills our organization needed.  As an HR officer I know how difficult and confusing the PCS process can be. Anyways, needless to say I’m a big fan! 
- 1st Lieutenant (Air Force)

Great site! HHOOAH! Keep it going.

- Command Sergeant Major (Army)

One of the greatest features in RallyPoint is being able to "explore" the Army by drilling down through commands!  Thanks for working on this, it's a valuable resource!

- Sergeant (Army)

What you are doing is incredible and brave so I can only hope and pray for your success with this thing in the future!
- 2nd Lieutenant (Air Force)

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