28 March 2013


After surging past our 10,000th new military member, RallyPoint is excited to announce our newest feature, which gives military personnel the power to efficiently compare their best military assignment options with their best civilian opportunities — and to do all of this in private.   This new feature is our first step toward fundamentally transforming the way US service members make decisions about their careers, whether they decide to stay in or get out of the military.   

RallyPoint promotes the power of relationships to help our members make the best decisions, by connecting our service members to the organizations they care about — whether it’s military units or private sector employers. 
To launch our employer pilot, we carefully selected group of trusted partners.  We specifically selected companies that represent a wide range of industries and have sufficient employment opportunities to cover the wide variety of skill sets and geographic needs of our growing military member base, which now spans from E-1 to E-9, and O-1 to O-8, covering all military components.  
Employer interest has been overwhelming, and we over-subscribed for our initial pilot program. We are also adding more military friendly employers to the waitlist of companies standing by to participate in the pilot program’s next phase, which will make it even easier for military members to find the career opportunities they really want, both inside and outside the military.

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