16 November 2012


As you’re reading this, RallyPoint is continuing to grow more quickly than we could have imagined.  In the 96 hours since our launch, RallyPoint has added a new user every 90 seconds on average.  Early in the week, this rate was so frenetic that our servers almost crashed.  The best part?  It’s all happening organically…
So, what’s all the buzz about?
See for yourself!  This short 2-min video demonstrates our members’ favorite feature.

Sounds awesome - but how can I help RallyPoint if I’m not in the military?
One-third of households in the US have a military connection of some kind.  This means that although you may not personally know a long list of US military service members, your Facebook friends do…and their friends do as well…
So just post this link to your Facebook wall!  http://vimeo.com/rallypoint/intro
Thanks in advance, and have a great weekend!
— Aaron, RallyPoint COO

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