26 October 2012


For members of the military, career fulfillment and success often depend on who you know and where.  This reality is true for many uniquely talented military professionals who become frustrated with their inability to influence their own duty assignments over time – sometimes to the point of actually leaving the military.
Given the growing attention we’re receiving, many of our current RallyPoint users have asked me to openly share why the site is so exciting to them.  With their input, I’ve put together this open letter to give you a glimpse inside.
RallyPoint visualizes a military service member’s personal and professional relationships across the Department of Defense.  Called the “LinkedIn for the Military” by Inc. Magazine, we have built the entire organization structure of the DoD from scratch, down to the lowest unit levels, as it exists right now in 160 countries around the world.  We have built this using elegant and user friendly technology that is intuitive and easy to use.
Our patent pending technology layers on top of this interactive DoD organizational hierarchy a service member’s network of contacts, showing him who he knows and where – and who those people know and where – in real time, into the farthest corners of the DoD.
For the first time, military service members can visually explore the full universe of units, leaders, and organizations their network connects them to.  The more they grow their network, the more powerfully they can influence their military careers over time.  As of today, RallyPoint enables our members to easily achieve this by using their already-existing contacts on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.
The DoD is the country’s oldest and most complex hierarchical organization.  With a Board of Advisors that includes former leaders such as General (Ret) George Casey, the 36th Army Chief of Staff, we are on the cusp of empowering our service members with the transparency they need to take charge of their own careers.

Aaron Kletzing
COO, RallyPoint
Last week, RallyPoint won MassChallenge, the world’s largest startup competition, selected from 1,230+ startups in 35 countries around the world.  In April, the company placed runner-up in the 2012 Harvard Business School Business Plan Competition.  RallyPoint’s founders are two Harvard Business School military veterans.

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