02 October 2012


Here’s a great interview with our COO, Aaron Kletzing, in Time Magazine Online! 
Business Lessons from Iraq: Post-War Military Networking
“While historians will be debating the effect of the counterinsurgency campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan for decades to come, the young officers and noncommissioned officers charged with carrying out those missions are returning home – and many are applying the business lessons learned overseas into entrepreneurial pursuits here.
Aaron Kletzing and Yinon Weiss are two such veterans. The two first met at a combat outpost northwest of Baghdad in 2008, when Kletzing served with the 25th Infantry Division as a fire support officer and Weiss served in Army Special Forces. They reconnected a few years later as students at Harvard Business School. A few fortuitous discussions and bar napkin doodles later, the idea for their new start-up, RallyPoint, was born.
Billed as “LinkedIn for the military,” RallyPoint is currently finishing up its beta testing and is on track for a full launch by the end of the year, and already counts retired General George Casey among its formal Board of Advisors. Kletzing, an old Army buddy of mine that cut his teeth with six-figure civic projects in Iraq, was kind enough to spend a rainy afternoon with me explaining the ins and outs of this potentially ground-breaking enterprise, complete with a virtual tour of the beta site. ”  

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