14 September 2012


Due to growing demand from across the military, we’ve expanded our invitation-only group of beta testers to an even broader set of US military professionals ahead of schedule.  For the Army, this group now includes junior and senior enlisted, and commanders of companies, battalions, brigades, and higher.  Next week we will be opening up our invitations to larger pre-commissioning audiences such as West Point.
While we’re keeping the site invitation-only at the moment, here’s an exciting glimpse into our active users: 
  • Their ranks range from pre-commission Cadets to E-9 to O-6
  • They cover all component areas:  Active Duty, Reserves, and National Guard
  • Their current duty locations span from West Point and the Pentagon, to Scotland and Japan
  • Their specialties range from Logistics and Legal Affairs, to Infantry and Special Operations

So, what are they telling us about RallyPoint?
Your “RallyPoint Universe” tool is more powerful than you probably think.  I’m sitting in my office here at the Pentagon, and I can explore the entire DoD task org in front of my eyes – which units my contacts are in, etc.  At my rank, I need to find a great joint assignment, and that process is all about who you know and where.  This puts that power in my hands.  — LTC, Army
I’m the platoon leader of a rifle platoon in Afghanistan.  I’m deciding whether to try out for SF or stay the course in the Infantry.  I’m using RallyPoint to study the career decisions made by really successful, more senior SF and Infantry officers on your site.  They are O-3’s and O-5’s.  Now I’m going to reach out to them for advice – all the way from Afghanistan.  — 1LT, Army
RallyPoint has been described as the “LinkedIn for the military” in recent media – and more importantly, by our growing user community.  Our user feedback has enabled us to make significant improvements, and we release a new build for our beta users every week.  As a start-up, we can be quick, agile, and aggressive with our technical development – and we inform those decisions by listening to our beta users.  Just this past week we introduced the following:
  • Faster navigation throughout our interactive DoD task organization
  • Better visibility into one’s military connections across all branches and component areas
  • Expanded individual profiles, adding more information that our users want to learn about each other
  • Improved user interface and graphics – we want the site to be completely intuitive
  • Various bug and performance improvements
If you would like to join RallyPoint’s private group of early users, please request an invitation on our main page atwww.RallyPoint.com

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